Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living The Vintage Trailer Life Too beat to Blog!

Well June and now July is a blur it has went by so fast. That's what happens when you spend more time on the road then at home. What a great time it has been. Here is a aerial photo I took at The 1st Annual Airstream Birthday Bash. It was held at Baker Acres, Rob Baker farm in Plymouth NY. This was a great place to have a rally. It was just like a camping in your back yard. But with 80 trailers including cooked breakfast and a steak dinner. Thanks to all the people who made it happen.

Yes this is people spelling out the word Bash. It was so cool to fly over and see this. It make's me smile every time i look at this photo.

This is are Bash hosts from the left Frank, Zoe & Rob Baker, John and Steve
They made a idea sitting around campfire into a reality. You guys rock!

This is me at 10 am a master on the flat top grill. Cooking eggs to order.

He I am 30 minutes later flying a rented Cessna over The Bash

Here is Amanda and Obie showing there TAC pride

We also spent 10 day on the Maryland shore in our Scotty.

We are very comfortable in this trailer. It has a full size bed, AC and a bathroom. What else do you need?

The kids chillin

We where lucky to have a beach front site.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Been Camping 3 Times This Spring

Living The Vintage Trailer Life!

Been camping 3 times this spring. I guess it time to update my blog. Our latest campout was to The Que dam in Somerset PA.
We camped with our Scotty friends and a few
TAC(The Airstreams Club) members. A great time was had by all.
We will be heading to the MD Shore in our Scotty next week for some real R&R.

After that we will have our Airstream at the
Trailer Bash at the Baker Farm. It's NY the last week of June.

Here is a link to The Que Campouts photos enjoy

Monday, February 22, 2010

We Camp in All Weather

We Camp in All Weather! Last week our Scotty group had a Winter Camp-In.
Since we are unable to get together this time of the year. We all camp where we are and share photos. We are lucky to have our trailer inside.

As you can see we have had a ton snow here in PA.

I have not been able to get to the Scottyport in 3 weeks

We had some great snacks and wine. Yum-O

Here's To All are Camping Friends!

Here is a link to see all the camp-iner's

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Great Trip

Well the fun had to end for now! We are back from another awesome trip from Pa. to The FLA Keys. This was our 10th x-mas in The Keys. We where on the road for 18 days covering 3300 miles of our great land. After you look at the rest of the photos of our trip.
You will see why we love to go!
Here's are site at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo FLA. We spent 10 days here. Its a very nice park with lots of stuff to do.

Here's Amanda hanging in front of her tent. I the past Amanda and Adam would camp in the van together. This year she wanted her own space. She was lucky it didn't rain the whole time we where there.

Here is Adam in the van. There's more room in there then my Scotty has.

This is us keeping up with The Jones's.

We love to go to this Pub. Its a must stop when we are in The Keys. The No Name is out on No Name Key which is off of Big Pine Key. Just ask anybody it's well known.

Yes it all dollars and there is layers and layers of then.
We have been hanging dollars here since 2000

Yes my cool kids are very well traveled

Here is one of the beaches at the park. This photo was taken early in the morning.
This place fills up with people every day the sun is out.

We took a day to the Everglades.
This was a cool farm market we stop at just outside of FLA City

We saw lots of wildlife in the real FLA.

This is photo was taken thinking of my trailer friend Frank.
This is us leaving the Keys at sunrise.

He we are at Lisa's moms house in St Augustine.
We spent a few days there before heading north.

Well that's all for now.
Stay tuned we have lots for vintage trailering planned for 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

PA to South FLA in one day!

Well its that time of year. Time to head south for a little "fun in the sun."
We left Pittsburgh at 2 am heading south. The roads where dry and traffic was light. By 3 pm we made it to the FLA line, 800 miles away. Usually when we do this trip we would stop and spend the night; the kids wanted push on. I was getting tired so we stopped for dinner.
Then, we got back on the road.

Well, we did it. Made it to my parents' house in south FLA by 9 pm. I drove 1133 miles (with a few breaks) in 18 hours. Lisa is flying in christmas day. Then, we will be heading to Key's to camp for 9 days. The weather is great warm and sunny. We are very happy to get out of PA

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'll Fly, Drive, Walk! What Ever It take to Save a Scotty

I'll Fly, Drive, Walk! What Ever It takes to Save a Scotty.

My good Scotty friend Rose offered me some window parts and skin for my Scotty project.

She lives about 100 miles from my house. My plan was to fly there in my plane. I got the weather. The winds were calm and it was little cloudy. Here I am ready for take-off.

As I flow east passing over the Laurel Ridges at around 5000 ft. I had a smooth ride. After passing the ridges I started seeing a thicker deck of lower clouds. Well you may see were this is going. Well I ended up in the soup. I was fogged in. I was unable to land at my destination it was below minimums. Well all must of turned out OK. I'm blogging this. I had lots of fuel to get to another airport. I called ATC and requested a cleaence back to my airport. I climbed to 7000 ft and final broke out on the top of the clouds. Heading back west the fog broke up and I landed back home safe.

Well here is Rose. I ended up driving to Somerset PA to meet her.
We had lunch and talked vintage trailers for a good hour.
Thanks you Rose for the parts.